Sight for All is a non-profit organization that helps all people achieve vision care. There is a disconnect in our community between medical services, insurance program coverage, and community organizations which prevents access to needed care for sight. 


What We Do

Our organization connects the patient to the resources smoothly and quickly so that care can be received.  With a community liaison as a resource for the patient, we can help them navigate the health care system and direct them to appropriate care.

With a strong network of eye doctors, both optometrist and ophthalmologist alike, we will be able to get patients examined and treatment started.  


We hope you see the value in our foundation and share our goal to help all achieve their best vision. 



Co-Founders: Sergul Erzurum, MD​, Associate Professor of Surgery, Northeast Ohio Medical University​ & Karen Segesto, Vice-President Relationship Strategist, PNC Wealth Management

Trustees: S.A. Erzurum, MD; Karen Segesto; Jeffrey Cohen, DO
Board of Directors:
 S. A. Erzurum, MD, Vice-President: Karen Segesto
Secretary: Jeffrey Cohen DO, Treasurer: Christ Gabrick
Robert Gerberry OD, Mark McMurray OD, Erin Bishop, Mike McBride, Doug Lewis
Communications: Dom Mancini

"The only thing worse than blindness is having sight but no vision."

-Helen  Keller

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            P.O. Box 125, Youngstown, OH 44505      (330) 779- 8045        EMAIL: sightforall2016@gmail.com