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Sergul Erzurum MD

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Zafar Sheik, MD
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William Helwig, MD
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H. S. Wang, MD
Lyn Yakubov, MD
Nick Zakov, MD
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Augustine Kellis, MD
Shawn Lewis, MD
Sharif Hanna, MD
Bart Brine, MD
David Miller, MD

Sarah Smith, MD

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Randall Maceyko, OD

Ryan Maceyko, OD
Chad Shultz, OD
Tom Grischow, OD
Guy Barrett, OD
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Betsy Ahlquist, OD

Greg Yuricek, OD
Tiffany Kubis, OD
Frank D'Apolito, OD
Peter Sforza, OD
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Robert Fleischer, OD
Rebecca Brown, OD
Brad Bloomberg, OD

Ronald Wallie, OD

Lindsey Foster, OD

Bob Gerdes, OD

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Essilor Vision Foundation's #DifferenceMakers


Watch the video and see our Difference Maker,

Dr. Sergul Erzurum, as selected  by the Essilor Vision Foundation.