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What is the cost of vision loss to Ohio?

A study completed in 2007 shows vision problems cost Ohio almost $2 billion annually. This amount is determined through analysis of direct medical costs, other direct costs, such as nursing home care and government programs, as well as lost productivity. Costs to the individual include medical care expenditures, informal care costs and health utility loss. If appropriate steps are not taken, this cost estimate is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years as Ohio’s 3.1 million baby boomers reach retirement age and beyond. Families are paying a lot in costs associated with eye diseases too– and the cost is not only financial. What's often not talked about is the bigger toll that vision loss takes on families. Many people and their loved ones feel at a loss following diagnosis of a vision problem. A new American Federation for the Blind poll shows vision loss is the health condition Americans fear most because they worry it means loss of independence.  

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